Class management by Self learning

All the students and teachers felt a little tired to the lecture style class teaching way after 2 months work time,I would like to get a new way to make students learning Mandarin by Ipad system-Discovering Chinese Pro.After 2 weeks preparing for equipment setting work,all the students could use their Ipad to finish homework and use DCP app for class test.

For grade 8 students I gave them 10 minutes introduction about core of new knowledge,left 10 minutes for them to learn by Ipad,after that direct individue to practice writing Characters or reading workbook before dictation.Left 5 minutes to play Chinese game or watch a video about Chinese Culture if they could concentrate to finish this class on time.

learning by ipad may a practical  way to spur the students and a nice supplementary too.

133f735f4cca04a715792caf63a35a8e 经过两个月的常规教学之后,师生都有点厌倦了固有的教学模式,经过和校长谈话之后,我学习到Better Chinese 网络教学的使用方法。经过2周的更新程序和检查设备维护,多数学生们能够用自己的平板电脑开始自学、完成家庭作业和测试。

8年级中文课,我尽量 在10分钟内讲清楚语言难点,剩下的时间给学生联系发音、阅读和完成课堂练习。我在根据不同学生进度进行有针对的指导,如果学生完成情况较好,我也会留5分钟给他们做游戏或者看中文视频。




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