Class management by Self learning

All the students and teachers felt a little tired to the lecture style class teaching way after 2 months work time,I would like to get a new way to make students learning Mandarin by Ipad system-Discovering Chinese Pro.After 2 weeks preparing for equipment setting work,all the students could use their Ipad to finish homework and use DCP app for class test.

For grade 8 students I gave them 10 minutes introduction about core of new knowledge,left 10 minutes for them to learn by Ipad,after that direct individue to practice writing Characters or reading workbook before dictation.Left 5 minutes to play Chinese game or watch a video about Chinese Culture if they could concentrate to finish this class on time.

learning by ipad may a practical  way to spur the students and a nice supplementary too.

133f735f4cca04a715792caf63a35a8e 经过两个月的常规教学之后,师生都有点厌倦了固有的教学模式,经过和校长谈话之后,我学习到Better Chinese 网络教学的使用方法。经过2周的更新程序和检查设备维护,多数学生们能够用自己的平板电脑开始自学、完成家庭作业和测试。

8年级中文课,我尽量 在10分钟内讲清楚语言难点,剩下的时间给学生联系发音、阅读和完成课堂练习。我在根据不同学生进度进行有针对的指导,如果学生完成情况较好,我也会留5分钟给他们做游戏或者看中文视频。



老兵纪念日 The Veterans Day

Last friday we finished class before 1:10 pm as there was a important activity for both teachers and students in the Veterans Day.All staffs were crowded into the basketball playground.Firstly,emcee introduced the means to this day for United states briefly.The students band played the national songs of united states of  America.After that,4 fluters made the melody of UK just brought me back to the time 4 years ago.All the teachers stand upright ,I felt the sacred feeling for memorializing the soldiers who defence their counties.

The old pictures in the World War 2 made me could not stop to recalling the histories ,students also enjoying this style educations for themself.At last sever students get gifts sent by ballot.A educative day was end up at a fuuny atmosphere.







Question Wall!问题墙

After the conference of language department 2 weeks ago, I know I need try to find a new way to attract students attention as well as answering their interesting field in Chinese studying I would like using Question wall in my classroom.The setting a wall behind a basket,students could put their question notes into it afterclass.I will answer their question at next Chinese class.

All the students felt exciting to ask me questions both about myself and China.I picked most representative questions to stick on the wall,so every students could see them once they forget how to pronounce that Hot word in Mandarin,such as “oh,my god”or”Space and Universe”.

Some questions were too private to be shared with all teenagers,I will make a judgement and give them a hazy answer.Anyhow,this is a new beginning for us to become better.






Halloween Day !万圣节



Today is the Halloween day, most students dressed up as a cartoon heros,especially in Main campus.The tertians played game together and did practice as usual did,except they can not help to look at each other’s cloth.I felt funny in this atmosphere.

At lunch time,I rode back to Headwater campus,there is an other picture,not as many as lower school,some students dressed as beautiful as actors in film.The challenge is also coming,it is hard to make them quiet,although I put a Halloween top in Chinese,they can not stop to talking.I made a new game to make them play together,if they could not concentrate their attention to stop as everyone did,they have to answer question in Chinese about Halloween.Generally ,them fellowed class and learned several new Characters.