The Transportation for my work in Lila 我工作的交通方式

As one of  my most difficult factor  to work in Forest Lake is the Transportation.Forest Lake is small city with population under 20000.Not like metropolis,The public transportation system is as not common as in the rural area in Ethiopia.Not easy to catch a bus in the morning time.As I live in apartment ,I will not likely to bother Colleagues.

Fortunately ,I could use the Trail system for Biking,which is just paved for cyclists  from Hugo to North Branch,I can use a shore part of this bike road.Thanks for Principal Shannon sending back my folding bike.Those two month I used this quiet biking road come and go back from apartments to 2 Lila campus with 30 minutes every working days.Some time I also get a second hand  gloves from main campus,that helped me a lot when I was riding the bike.






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