How to teaching by Game 如何开展游戏教学

After several weeks teaching Chinese in Lila,I felt most students may get famuliar with my teacher style.But Some times they do not to eager to answer my questions.I realized dayliy way  for teaching is a letter boring.

I try to use more games to make class feel active.For example,I use Mid-Autumn day for Culture introduction class,Some students know the stories of ChangE Ben Yue,So I asked them to play the role in myth to let them make a dialog use new words.For younger students in Grade 6,I used HOT POTATO to make them join with our practice .One students stand in the middle of Circle,I played music,they passed the tennis ball to each other,when stop,the guesser could not find the ball holder ,He or she have to be ask and answer the Chinese question in Chinese.

I believe this way may make them felt happy while practice more Chinese dialog.







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